Facade– save energy!


Did you know that the most of thermal energy gets lost through the external walls – as much as 30%?

It’s time to start thinking long term. Instead of wasting energy by cooling or heating your street year after year, you should invest in insulation of your home. Also, if that includes the external insulation, your building will look so much better afterwards.

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Decorative Stone

Decorative stone has been a major trend in the construction industry for a long time. It is almost a standard in modern interior decorations.
Different shapes, texture, and colours make decorative stone applicable to almost every interior. The type of the stone varies from natural to artificial. How to choose the right stone for you?

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Very often, inaccurate information makes us think that apartment adaptation or renovation is much more expensive than it really is. This false perception of the cost too high for our budget stops us from pursuing the adaptation of our apartment or office space. The Arion team strives to help all its clients by properly estimating both residential and commercial cost of adaptation. Before our estimation, we are there to hear all your needs and desires, as well as to give you our expert opinion and advice regarding the labour work and the choice of material. Our mutual goal is the job well done within the shortest period of time and within your budget. Please, contact us, and together we can see how much it costs to improve your space according to your taste and your needs. Remember, it’s FREE.

Colours in your home

When it comes to choosing colours for your home interior, most people rather follow trends and personal taste (preference) with no previous knowledge of the impact certain colours have on people’s moods. We definitely think that walls should be painted, and that is the easiest to change. Even changing colour for only one wall in the room gives the room a totally new look. However, it is very important to know that every colour has a specific meaning and brings certain energy. It is also important not to try to experiment yourself with certain colours and techniques, because after completing the job yourself, you typically will end up calling an expert to fix whatever you tried to accomplish yourself. Here is how the experts see colours in our home.


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Welcome to the Arion Team website

The Arion team provides all types of adaptation as well as construction. With many years of experience in small projects and commercial and residential complexes, we are able to help our clients financially as well as in many other aspects. Our team consists of well-experienced and skilled workers, who despite many years of experience, continue to work on their constant improvement and follow the latest trends in the industry. We try to be competitive in the market with quality of our products and services as well as with our affordable prices, and also we try to assist anyone who asks for our help and contacts us.
Excellent project management is the main and only requirement for a job well done within the shortest time possible.
Don’t let the adaptation be a nightmare, we build and execute your ideas!