Facade– save energy!


Did you know that the most of thermal energy gets lost through the external walls – as much as 30%?

It’s time to start thinking long term. Instead of wasting energy by cooling or heating your street year after year, you should invest in insulation of your home. Also, if that includes the external insulation, your building will look so much better afterwards.

 There are many types of facade and insulations. Nowadays, the most popular facade is the DEMIT facade, but there are also stucco, brick finish, alucobond facade and many more. Each type of facade requires certain type of adhesive, insulation, colours, etc. Whether it is a Styrofoam, Styrodur, Neopor, Sandwich wall, Glass wool, or some other type of insulation, your home will be warmer with than without insulation. To maximize energy saving, it is highly recommended to replace doors and windows while doing wall insulation. There are many types of door and window frames in the market: Wood, Poly Vinyl, Aluminum frames with multiple chambers, as well as many types of glass. Quality of glass can vary, ranging from classic to coated glass in order to save energy.

After you decide on your budget and type of the facade you like, your moment of creativity arrives. What colour would you like to paint your home in? We often choose cheaper paint to save money without knowing how sustainable the colours are over time. Over time, certain colours darken unevenly, therefore it is highly recommended to consult the expert beforehand.

Indoor insulation differs from the outdoor insulation. Indoor insulation is done by Styrofoam, Wool, Thermal plaster…After this, it is necessary to do a painting job so all your walls are either in the same colour tone or in the different shades, depending on your preference. And also, joinery is recommended during this time.

Nevertheless, saving energy is our future. Let’s start thinking about it.
Your Arion team!