Decorative Stone

Decorative stone has been a major trend in the construction industry for a long time. It is almost a standard in modern interior decorations.
Different shapes, texture, and colours make decorative stone applicable to almost every interior. The type of the stone varies from natural to artificial. How to choose the right stone for you?

The type of the stone it will be used depends on the space in your house. In the living room, decorative stone is used on the feature wall, the wall that is most visually prominent. In the other parts of the house, the decorative stone is commonly used as a decorative detail, and that is why it is important to choose the right place for it (corners, pillars, parts of the wall…). If the room is spacious, and the wall to be used for it is fairly large, we recommend a larger structure stone, while the colour of the stone should fit your furniture. Keep in mind that big darker surfaces in the room can make the room looks smaller than it actually is.

Obviously, it is a personal choice how many stone covered walls you will have, as well as what colour they will be, and you can always experiment with combination of stone types and colours. It is important that you like your space and that you enjoy spending time in it.

It is not uncommon that beside the living space, people like to use the stone in their washrooms as well. That way, you can turn the washroom into your own spa centre. Decorative stone has proved to be a great choice for bathrooms, and you should mentioned that the stone you are buying will be used for bathrooms, because not any stone can sustain in moist conditions.

Despite the required protection layer for the stone it is necessary to make a good choice for the stone.

The same stands for the stone used for exterior decoration.

Indeed, if you are unsure about what stone type is the best for you, call us. We are here to help you with your choice so your home can look the best way possible. Your Arion team!