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The Arion team provides all types of adaptation as well as construction. With many years of experience in small projects and commercial and residential complexes, we are able to help our clients financially as well as in many other aspects. So far, we can be very proud with a large number of successfully constructed square meters.

The building 2005-2006 Zivko Davidovic Street 36-36, 25-29 Podujevska Street – 4,721 m2 – 69 residential units
The building 2006-2007 Odetska 7 Street -9 – 2.321m2 – 32 residential units
The building 2009 Mirijevski cvet Šejkina Street 54-60- 16.135m2 – 17 slats – 368 residential units
The building 2009-2011 Dimitrija Tuciovića Street 52 – 4.484m2 – 41 residential units – 4 shops
The building 2010-2011 Kulina Bana Street 1 – 1.558m2- 15 residential units
The building 2011-2013 Slanački put Street 82- Complex Trio – 20.000m2 – 160 residential units
The building 2012-2013 Cvetanova ćuprija Street -700m2 – 14 residential units
The building 2011-2014 Vojvode M. Krstica Street 1- Danube terrace – 57.000m2 – residential and business complex
Object 2012-2013 Vrnjačka banja – Vila Opera – Apartments
Object 2014 Ruzveltova Street – Hotel Holiday In 3+
Object 2014 – Žarkovo – 150 m2 – office space
Object 2015- Šimanovci Hala – 11.600m2 – Commercial storage space
Object 2016- Hydropower engineering (Hidrotehnika-Hidrotehnika-energetika)
Object 2017- Garage “27 Marta” street Belgrade- 6.243,76 m2 JKP Parking service
Our team consists of well-experienced and skilled workers, who despite many years of experience, continue to work on their constant improvement and follow the latest trends in the industry. Beside the complete labour services, we are also able to help you with project design, as well as a creation of anything you can imagine for your home. We try to be competitive in the market with quality of our products and services as well as with our affordable prices, and also we try to assist anyone who asks for our help (contacts us).
Excellent project management is the main and only requirement for a job well done within the shortest time possible.

Don’t let the adaptation be a nightmare, we build and execute your ideas!

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