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Facade– save energy!

  Did you know that the most of thermal energy gets lost through the external walls – as much as 30%? It’s time to start thinking long term. Instead of wasting energy by cooling or heating your street year after year, you should invest in insulation of your home. Also, if that includes the external […]

Decorative Stone

Decorative stone has been a major trend in the construction industry for a long time. It is almost a standard in modern interior decorations. Different shapes, texture, and colours make decorative stone applicable to almost every interior. The type of the stone varies from natural to artificial. How to choose the right stone for you?


  Very often, inaccurate information makes us think that apartment adaptation or renovation is much more expensive than it really is. This false perception of the cost too high for our budget stops us from pursuing the adaptation of our apartment or office space. The Arion team strives to help all its clients by properly […]